Mission and vision


T2-DOC bv’s mission is to develop (technical) documentation (writing, illustrating and photographing) and to solve complex documentation problems within the domain of the Ministry of Defence, Police, Ministry of Justice and Security and the Industry.

T2-DOC bv relieves the customers in the field of (technical) documentation. The focus lies on the delivery of a product which fully meets the customer’s requirements and desires.


T2-DOC bv’s vision is that the care for quality of the products and the advice in the field of (technical) documentation and version management are the highest priority.

Contacts and co-operations with a diversity of companies are pursued for the long term.

In co-operation with the companies, T2-DOC bv strives to check the documents which they themselves have developed and if necessary, adapt them to the desired structure and format.

Furthermore, T2-DOC bv also strives to develop the S1000D specifications, where the modular structure of documentation is used by many international companies as standard. If desired, this standard can be applied to any company.


In order to achieve this mission and vision, T2-DOC bv wants to distinguish themselves in writing (technical) documentation by:

  • offering the products and services of the highest level, where a good customer satisfaction is the goal;
  • making the products available on the T2-DOC bv webserver 24/7;
  • ensuring version management of the products;
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • connecting with potential customers;
  • being reliable and honest;
  • performing a “checking” task on existing documents developed by the company;
  • implementing the S1000D specifications and method.