About T2-DOC bv

T2-DOC bv Technical and Tactical Documentation is specialized in the development of technical documentation and in solving complex documentation problems.

The Netherlands Ministry of Justice and Security and the Ministry of Defence are amongst our clients, but we also have many clients from the Industry. Already during the tender phase we can advise you on the scope of the documentation part of the tender. We can also help you with the interpretation of a PoR (Program of Requirements). We translate, write and draw consistent, so that no communication failures can occur between you and your customer.

For the industry, we can also help to make a Technical File. We do this by collecting data that you have created or collected while building a machine, such as technical calculations, electrical schemes, design and manufacturing drawings. We can also make a risk analysis for you, write a user manual as well as maintenance manual.

Apart from their technical knowledge and experience, our employees also have practice experience, so understanding of law and regulations is also present. Therefore they are able to draw up document for your target group which are adequate, faultless and unambiguous.

In other words: T2-DOC bv is the right choice for the production of your technical documentation.

Besides working in accordance with International Standards Documentation S1000D and S2000M, we can customize your own Program of Requirements and Corporate Identity in consultation.

Examples of documents include:

Operator manuals, maintenance manuals, spare parts lists, instruction cards, syllaby for training and education, wall posters, electronic technical manuals, maintenance schedules and technical files.

Among others, T2-DOC bv has drawn up documentation for the following companies:

  • Bonowi IPE
  • Carl Walther
  • Contour
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Dynamic Ear Company
  • HazmatLINK
  • Heckler & Koch
  • MAFO
  • Ministry of Justice and Security
  • Paul Boyé
  • Politie Nederland
  • Rippel Effect
  • Scott Safety
  • Thales (Australia)
  • Theon Sensors